Unfortunately, no. There is no way for us to guarantee seats. Ticket are distributed in excess of capacity, because unfortunately some fans with tickets won't use them. We overbook in order to account for that.


There are a number of factors that could prevent you from getting a seat. The show could be standing-room only.  The fire marshal could reduce the number of seats in the house. We could fill to capacity before reaching your place in line. You could be too late to be admitted.  


As such, we never guarantee admission. We give you guidelines to follow, and if you do follow them, you’ll have your best shot at being admitted. But, because our tickets are free we HAVE to give away more tickets than we can admit. As such, being turned away is always a possibility.


If you do get turned away, we have a system in place to get you welcome back tickets for another taping of the same show. We’ll be sure to bring you back as soon as possible!


Remember! We recommend never making travel plans based solely on free tickets. 1iota is not responsible for any travel costs that you incur.