The waitlist is the 1iota ticketing queue.  

We open up ticket requests, and in most cases, everyone who requests a ticket is simply “joining the waitlist.”  This is often because production has not yet finalized all the details of a particular taping, and we cannot give out tickets until they have.  But we'd like you to start submitting requests as soon as we are able, so you are placed on the waitlist.


When we can, we will begin making tickets available to those on the waitlist.  You will be notified via email if your ticket request is approved.  These available emails will go out in batches.


As such, it is completely possible that you can receive an “available” email, but find that the show is sold out before you confirm your ticket because you waited too long.  This is why we tell you to login immediately to confirm your ticket.  If you do not, we will release another batch of “available” emails, and someone else may claim that ticket!


Ticket requests are date-specific. You cannot request tickets for one date, but write in the comments that you want a different date.

Being on the waitlist does NOT mean that you have tickets.