Your confirmation email is sent immediately after you create your account with 1iota. It is to ensure that you are able to receive all emails from us. It is the first email 1iota sends you. If you have recently created an account, and have not received it, then there are some things you should check. First, be sure you registered the correct email with us. You can find that under “Member Profile”.  


Next, please check your SPAM and JUNK folders in your email. 


Finally, make sure your email settings with your email provider allow ALL emails from addresses, and that it does not route them to spam.  


If you still haven’t found your confirmation email, you can have it resent through the 1iota website. Simply click RESEND EMAIL in the yellow bar at the top of your 1iota account.  


If you have tried the above options and the email still isn’t in your inbox, please send us an email using the "New support ticket" link in the top right of this page.


Wondering if you have or have not confirmed your email address? When you have NOT confirmed your email address, there is a large yellow bar at the top of your 1iota profile telling you that you need to confirm your email address. If that yellow bar is not there, then you have confirmed your email address.